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from cell G 8 Associate in Nursingd g 9 if I dothis and G ten and thus on that's not whatwe need now the way to do that uses afunction that's special it ishard to explain without a definitionit's known as indirect before doing thiswhat i am attending to do is take a newfunction in surpass and use it here thisis often used for documentation it'scalled formula text it's new in Excel2013 once you see it seem you cansimply click it and tab it into placeformula text displays the actual formulaand all i'm progressing to do for the momentis take these 2 cells and move themoff to the right strictly for referencepurposes i'll be victimization the performcalled indirect a operate is difficultto describe while not an example whatwe're making an attempt to do is to get the datafrom A to A two then we wish to makethis seem like what we tend to're seeing in celle2 so we wish to mix californiaalong with and we use the ampersandsymbol meaning then what's going to befollowing California at intervals doublequotes exclamation purposeg7 double quote and enter and there'sthe answersame answers we have a tendency to saw over here that's thefunction currently if we have a tendency to copy this down wordwe should be learning American state Floridaand new york and the applicable entryand yet something's not going right herewhat's happening ny includes a house init currently there's nothing wrong with thespace in an exceedingly sheet name we have a tendency to see that downbelow the yellow tab it's attending to makelife tons less complicated in this particularexample by obtaining eliminate the spaceright here that also does not cleanthings up however changing the name of thesheet currently again at completely different times youmight want to consider eliminatingspaces from sheet names they are notreally wrong and however from time to time they poselittle problems just like the one we have a tendency to'reseeing here if we tend to get eliminate the spacein both situations here then go backto our totals we do have a correctanswer any sheet name that contains a spacein it once it's spoken in an exceedingly formulasometimes you will need additional informationif we were to try and do this over againmanually I mean what we might do herewould take a touch little bit of time but itwould be something like this let me goback and place in this space again for NewYork then match it up right here nowwhat we need to do is to use indirectand begin with double quote single quotedouble quote that's the single quotethat was before new york and then wewant to induce a 5 in other words New Yorkthe text as we see it there and afterthat double quote and then single quoteexclamation point g7 as we saw it beforeso it's reaching to take a touch bit ofwork so i feel you saw

the advantage oflet's get rid of the space in the big applein both cases it works plenty easier thanthis therefore totally different examples here comingup with with linkage formulas and inthis case the target was to be ableto copy them similarly currently there is anotherkind of calculation we might need to doand this involves maybe multiplesheets as we go back and appearance atCalifornia and Texas and florida and Isaid at the start these all have theexact same layouts here's a sheet calledsummary that additionally has the precise samelayout and it's geared up up to begathering totals from the opposite sheetswe will try this in two ways one quitelong and compared to the opposite quiteshort therefore the longer method I won't bedoing much typing truly but heaps ofclicking i am on this outline sheet Iwant to get data from Calif. TexasFlorida in ny i'm in cell b4 andon all the sheets that is where we seeretail chairs numbers equal so I'llclick American state click that number Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and then Texas click that cell butin and notice in the formula bar theform is being built obtaining drawn-out thenFlorida click that thus i'm put in an exceedingly andand then New royal family click that cell nofinal plus complete the entry 5,000somewhat drawn-out and what would happenif we tend to had five states six states sevenstates twenty states all states quitelengthyat thusme purpose unwieldy you certainly build amistake and clicking back and forth herenotice how this will work though currently accessory way is merely to start with Autosum you'll try this with altitude equaland currently all we tend to're about to do is gatherthe four states and that we try this by approach ofa technique of clicking the californiaor the primary sheet then holding down theshift key and clicking new york and inthe formula bar you see the formulabeing engineered all it lacks is that the celladdress so we'll simply click cell b4I'll then enter same answers before muchshorter and what if we start addingother states as long as you put thosestates between california and nywe create no adjustment to the present if westart golf shot names at the top of NewYork or after new york we're gonna haveto rewrite the formula a couple of times Dog Star means that all states between Californiaand New dynasty yet as California NewYork course picks up all the data so inthis model here we might simply dragacross and

for many users is not uncommon to writeformulas in thereforeme worksheets that getdata from alternative worksheets within thesame workbook less common but alsoneeded every currently associated then our formulas in oneworkbook that need to urge knowledge fromworksheets settled in another booklet's cowl some of these options inthis workbook linkage formulas we've gotdata for four completely different states now thisdata happens to be alike in terms oflayout that is not a requirement for someof the items we're planning to be doingbut for alternative things that will be I'vegot a sheet known as totals here and whatI'd prefer to do is get the full forCalifornia here currently jumping over toCalifornia will see the total here is incell g8 and the totals for the oppositethree states are a similar part of thereason we would possibly be doing this too iswe're imagining this model might begrowing maybe we're a serious merchandiser howeverwe only have stores in these four statesright now we're reaching to be expandingand eventually we'll see additional stateshere and we'll have more sheet tabs wesimply want to induce a complete here thereare 2 approaches to writing a linkageformula one is to start at the sourcedata so let's visit American state here'sthe information in question we could copy thisright-click and copydo it that manner or press control-c thengo to the destination that is the totalsheet right here and head to paste specialyou can do that with a right-click pastespecial or at the keystroke shortcutctrl alt V paste special dialog boxpaste link and there's a formula noticethat the formula is an absolute addressmany times that is not importantsometimes it may well be but do note that abettor way definitely a quicker way to dothis is to begin at the destinationright here i'll just delete this startright here with the equal sign thenclick the other sheet name Californiaclick the cell in question g7 pressEnter same answer this timethe address is not absolute and againfor the moment that produces no differencenow what would be helpful is if wecould copy this downward i feel youknow this is often not attending to work if I dothis right now i will be able to get data fromCalifornia

down or down across makes nodifference that direction we tend to go firstand we've got a worksheet like this thiskind of kindula and also its predecessorthe longer one each of those aresometimes mentioned as three Dformulas and then these forms of typeulasonly work once we have data that hasthe same layout sometimes you wish towrite form those who get knowledge fromother workbooks suppose on this totalsheet I've got another data i'minterested in I actually have another workbookopen i'm progressing to press ctrl tab to getto it if you've got multiple booksopen you'll be able to press ctrl tab if you have gotmore than one file open ctrl tab cantake you to ensuing one subsequent onethe next one and therefore on and back to thekerlun so the more files you have openedthe less economical ctrl tab isnevertheless it's handy here what I'dlike to try to to is to presumably get sometotals for some of these entries maybefor the moment i am only thinking ofchairs so back here my alternative report inthis book here but in Cheersnow I'm getting ready to write a linkage formulalike before bear in mind before I typedequal I clicked on the acceptableworksheet but currently during this case I actually have toget to the opposite workbookI could definitely press ctrl tab that'sone way in a different way is to go to the Viewtab in the ribbon switch windows howevertonand click on the name of the otherworkbook that'll take USA over to thatworkbook click the appropriate sheets inthe sales reportcheat and i am aiming to click the totalhere for whatever item i would like chairsenter there it is now double clickinghere to show the formula formulas thatdeal with information from other workbooks needto include not solely the cell referenceand the sheet reference but additionally thename of the file and here to will seesingle quotes in here because the sheetname has a house in it anytime you'retyping form is like these in theprevious ones where we have a tendency to saw differentworksheets to do not end up typingthe sheet names it's nearly continually a lot ofefficient and positively reaching to be moreaccurate by clicking on the variedsheets and the various sheets and filenames that you just notice so here's a formulait's getting data from another workbookand what happens if we have a tendency to shut that otherworkbook this range will still be hereI'll jump to that other workbook by wayof ctrl tab here it is here and I'llsimply press ctrl W to shut it I didn'tmake any changes to that and currently let'slook at this formula this particularformula is now based on cells locatedwithin a particular worksheet at intervals acertain workbook known as product totalsand

that workbook is within a foldercalled exercise folder and so on and soon and so on folders within folders onthe F Drive now of course you wouldn'tbe typing in a formula like this andit's highly unlikely to be creatingformulas based on workbooks that are notopen I mean this would be almostimpossible to do in other words you'dhave to be typing this out exactly toget it right when you're setting upformulas with data on differentworkbooks be sure to have the file openand once again if I go back and open thefile and I'll simply press ctrl o openthe file here's that same file we'reback here now it's open let's now take alook I'll jump over to the otherworkbook now the formula looks a lotshorter because the other file is openmany times I I suggest for people thatasked questions about this particularfeature be a little bit cautious aboutthis I almost want to steer people awayfrom writing formulas that deal withdata on different workbooks and yet I dorecognize it's necessary at times butthere is that that possibility at timesthat you save a file and afrom location you move it from onefolder to another folder you're just notaware of all the links that have beenset up and so you run into problemsthere but we've seen differenttechniques here for writing linkageformulas dealing with data acrossdifferent worksheets in the sameworkbook and different worksheets fromdifferent workbooks

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